The cost of waiting…

Many clients have told me over the past couple of years they would like to move up to accommodate their growing families or to downsize now that the kids have moved on. While many have already done so, others have felt encumbered by a current home that couldn’t be sold for a price that would cover the expenses.

It turns out, there are advantages to the passage of time. Recently, the benefit for homeowners has been rising values and shrinking loan balances. Together, these factors have created new possibilities for many to sell with a surplus.

If you have considered a change, locking in a payment before interest rates and prices possibly increase may be a good long term plan. Look at how much a payment could potentially change with a 10% price increase and a 2% increase in interest rates:

This is a 27% increase to both the payment and the necessary income to qualify. That’s substantially more than the typical pay increase of maybe 3% percent or so.

The real estate market typically slows in the winter months, and that can be a great time to take action. Most participants are truly serious, and both buyers and sellers become even more motivated in the face of dwindling competition.

Whether you’ve thought about moving. remodeling or paying for college, please let me know if you have any questions.  I’m here to help!


About tswinslow

Your home is about how you feel when you walk through the front door. How do you want to feel - relaxed and tranquil after a hectic day? Cozy and comfortable in a large great room with a gas or wood burning fireplace? Maybe you want to smell freshly baked cookies coming from your all stainless steel oven? I take a different approach to real estate. My business is built on personal touch, building relationships with clients that last for years. I look for win-win deals and positive results. I have access to the latest technologies, market research and business strategies to exceed your expectations of an agent at Keller Williams. I'll listen and hear what your needs and requirements are and find solutions tailored to you. I like to say "I get it done for my clients". I'll exceed your expectations on follow-up, communication and leverage relationships I have with others (lenders, CPA's, builders, etc) to get it done for you. I am loyal and will follow it through til the end which doesn't just stop at the closing table. I appreciate the opportunity to earn your business.
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